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November 5, 2010


November 5, 2010

Dr. Zinetti’s Snowkissed Bride

There’s not enough mistletoe in the world to tempt rescue medic Meg Miller to get anywhere near notorious heartbreaker Dr. Dino Zinetti! Though her small son thinks the man’s a superhero, Meg knows the truth — the incredibly sophisticated doctor would never look twice at a scruffy tomboy more comfortable up a mountain than in a dress. But Meg has gotten under the normally unflappable Dino’s skin, and he’s not about to give up on her — however hard she fights their explosive attraction. This Christmas he’ll teach Meg the meaning of romance…and receive a crash course in love himself.


"Sarah Morgan’s Dr. Zinetti’s Snowkissed Bride is sure to lift your spirits, touch your heart, move you to tears and make you laugh out loud." -Cataromance

5 Stars: "smart, sexy, sassy and unputdownable romance,..." - Cataromance


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