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New York is one of my favorite cities. I’ve been lucky enough to visit for both work and pleasure and each time I arrive in Manhattan and stare up at the skyscrapers I feel as if I’ve stepped onto a film set. So many of my favorite movies have been set here – When Harry Met Sally, One Fine Day, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, even the beginning of Sweet Home Alabama (remember that scene at Tiffany’s?). I once asked a cab driver to take me to The Flatiron Building and when he stared at me blankly (New York cab drivers apparently need street numbers) I said, ‘haven’t you ever seen Spiderman?!”

It’s a magical place, and last year when I visited with family and explored the wonders of Central Park and admired the incredible view from Top of the Rock, I decided it would make the perfect setting for my new series.

New York City has many different neighborhoods, each with its own distinct feel. After a beautiful walk through the leafy streets of Brooklyn, I decided it was the perfect place for my three heroines to live. They share a beautiful brownstone and every day they make the trip into Manhattan for work. Once home they’re part of the local community. In every book I write the community of people is as important to me as the setting, and this series contains all the elements readers tell me they love about my stories – friendship, community, a beautiful setting and, of course, romance!

I hope you love these characters and this series as much as I do. To help you visualize the setting, take a look at some of my photos of New York and follow me on Instagram.


New York Photo Gallery


Sarah talks about her new series FROM MANHATTAN WITH LOVE


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