Suddenly Last Summer Chosen As A Washington Post Best Romance of 2014!

I’m thrilled that Suddenly Last Summer, the second book in my O’Neil Brothers series, has been chosen by The Washington Post as one of the best romances of 2014! This is what they said:

“For me, love isn’t possible,” Élise Bonnet tells surgeon Sean O’Neil late one night in Morgan’s “Suddenly Last Summer.” Élise’s past is filled with tragedy. She escaped an abusive marriage in Paris and ran to Vermont, where she found a new life as the chef at a ski resort. Though she has sworn off relationships, the brilliant, handsome and charming Sean is difficult to resist. When he professes his love, she panics, leaving him devastated and readers wondering if she will ever come to terms with her past and find the promise of her future. Of course, it’s a love story, so we know she will, but we can’t see how Morgan will make it happen — the hallmark of a great romance.

You can read the original post here:

The Washington Post




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